APL Capacitors

The APL is used as a tuning capacitor in a variety of RF test equipment and ham radio gear. The APL’s combination of low price, high maximum voltage, fairly large capacitances, and low-leakage L4-grade ceramic have made it a popular configuration.

The APL is usually installed by single-hole mounting, but mounting posts are available, as are lock bearings and a 180 rotor stop. Most APLs have solder lugs for electrical connection to the stator, and most have an insulated shaft.

A variation on the standard APL configuration is the APL-DE, a "double-ended" APL. The rear ceramic adds strength and rigidity, and is necessary on extremely long APLs with close spacing, like the popular 32APL208DE (.032" air gap, 208pF maximum capacitance). We currently offer five standard air gaps, whose corresponding maximum voltages range from 600V to 1500V.


The APC is a durable air trimmer, used in several demanding military applications. It is frequently equipped with a lock bearing and is used as a factory-adjustable trimmer capacitor, but it can also come equipped with a " diameter shaft and can be used as an operator-controlled tuning capacitor.

The APC is quite versatile, and several variations on the main theme are available. The shaft can be slotted, insulated, or both. The APC can be installed by single-hole mounting (in which the threaded bearing is held in place on the panel by one or two nuts), or with mounting posts, which provide electrical insulation between both banks of blades and the panel to which the cap is mounted.

There are four air gaps available, ranging in maximum voltage from 500 Vrms to 1000 Vrms.


The ATM is our smallest, least expensive standard configuration of air variable capacitor. It can be used to replace screw-type air dielectric and mica dielectric trimmer capacitors.

The ATM’s air gap is .016", and it can withstand a maximum voltage of 500 Vrms. The greatest possible maximum capacitance is 22pF. A lock-bearing is available with which an ATM can be used as a factory-tuned fixed capacitor.

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