N50 Capacitors

The N50 is a compact, rugged, economical unit used in a myriad of low-voltage applications. The N50’s almost cubical shape makes efficient use of space, enabling it to deliver a remarkable amount of capacitance for its volume.

Options on the N50 include shaft length, mounting studs, tapped mounting holes, a mica trimmer (for precise adjustment of the delta C of the capacitor), and a remarkable integral planetary reduction drive with an 8:1 ratio that doesn’t change the envelope of the capacitor.

S2 and S3

The S2 and S3 were once produced in large numbers for early AM/FM radios. It was this application that the S-series curve was designed toward; however, the S-series is currently used in a variety of other applications, most of them involved in ham radio gear and test equipment.

Options for the S-series include a built-in 6:1 planetary reduction drive, a 2:1 gear reduction drive, and threaded mounting posts. Trimmers are also available, which add up to 18pF per section.

Each section can also be divided into two insulated sections, creating a 4-section capacitor. There are two curves available (standard and oscillator), and three standard air gaps: .0125" (600 Vrms), .017" (800 Vrms), and .0415" (1300 Vrms).

The S3 can deliver a total capacitance of almost 1400pF, comparable to the much larger M-73. As in the S2, each section can be divided, creating a 6-section capacitor.

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