Custom Capacitors

OEP’s ability to manufacture subcomponents in-house (particularly via flexible processes like CNC machining) enables us to produce highly customized assemblies with short lead times at low cost. We’ve produced several capacitors that don’t fit into any of our standard configurations, some built to a customer’s specs, some developed jointly with customers, and others engineered by OEP to perform electrically and mechanically to a customer’s requirements.

Some of these customized caps have been air variables made as a drop-in replacement for other manufacturers’ capacitors, matching them dimensionally and electrically. Others have been more radical departures from our standard line; they’ve included fixed air capacitors, fixed teflonę-dielectric caps, screw-type air-dielectric trimmer caps, several screw-type teflonę-dielectric trimmer caps, pressurized-gas-dielectric variable capacitors, and liquid-dielectric variable capacitors.

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