Vacuum Contactors

Brief Instructions of Vacuum Contactors
CKJ and KG contactors are suitable in electrical system with AC 50Hz, rated operational voltage up to 12~1.14kV, rated operational current up to 63A to make or brake remote motors or systems. These are widely used in power systems, oil fields, chemical industries, mine, metallurgists etc. - Leistungd-Vakuum Schütz - Serie PVS   Type Voltage
  Series CKJ and CKG 12kV 630A
  CKJ-125 / CKJ-250 / CKJ-320 / CKJ-5-80 1.5 kV 320 A
  JCZ5-7.2J / JCZ5-12J 12 kV 630 A
  PVS160 / PVS250 / PVS400 / PVS630 1.14 kV 630 A
  CKJ(9)80 / CKJ(9)120 / CKJ(9)140 0.66 kV 140 A
  CKJ160/660 0.66 kV 160 A

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